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Karen Robinson Ministries Int'l, Inc., is the premier providers in Apostolic & Prophetic Training, Spiritual Leadership Training and Development, Biblical Counseling, Intercessory Prayer, Financial Management, and 501(c)(3) Application services for non-profit organizations.


This is not a church! We are a training center, where the Holy Spirit does the teaching! You will be provided with leadership and ministerial skills necessary to operate in the capacity God has called you to serve.


Our programs will usher you to new levels of God that you never thought were possible. Each program will provide you with teaching, clarity, and revelation knowledge on the "ministry of the prophetic", "the role of spiritual leadership", "the ministry of biblical counseling", "financial management", and so much more!


We hope that you are ready for a life changing experience because God is about to complete the work that He started in you in order for your ministry will be enhanced. You will know how to operate in whatever capacity He has called you to; with the spirit of excellence, with balance, knowing protocol, and spiritual order!

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