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Karen Robinson Ministries Int'l, Inc.'s, (KRMI) primary mission is to facilitate and enhance the spiritual and personal growth of those who are called today to prophetic ministry and church leadership, and to prepare them to respond efficiently to the leadership challenges of tomorrow.


KRMI undertakes this mission based on the firm belief that now more than ever, a critical need exists locally and abroad for persons of strong Christian character to elevate into positions of prophetic ministry and leadership.


KRMI is established for the purposes of training and developing individuals to become prophets and servant leaders by cultivating the "spirit of excellence" within them; equipping and empowering them to skillfully apply Biblically-based principals of ethics, integrity and character essential to the benevolent and effective functioning of the institutions that impact our communities.


KRMI seeks to identify and minister to those who are chosen by God to serve in the positions and responsibilities of leadership (be it in the church or secular realm), by providing prophetic and leadership skills necessary to operate in the capacity God has called them to serve.


We believe the best way to achieve this mission is by providing leadership training, mentoring, and ministerial skills necessary to operate in their roles of leadership!


KRMI encourages leadership through service and community involvement. The objectives are to develop and apply leadership and teamwork abilities to community service projects about which participants of KRMI are passionate; to apply personal values by contributing to the community, and at the same time, enhance KRMI's standing as a good corporate citizen.


Feel free to browse our site, and should you find something of interest, please contact us!

Morning Glory - Juanita Bynum
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